Black River Outdoors Center

n/a, Pawleys Island, SC, • 877-360-4220

Everyone who has spent any time in Myrtle Beach has, at the very least, caught a glimpse of the ocean. But there are other, equally-scenic sights to see once you get away from the coast; you just have to know where to look.

Black River Outdoors Center provides guided kayak tours through the pristine rivers, swamps, creeks, and marshes of the area, giving outdoors-enthusiasts the chance to experience scenery that few visitors even know about. In addition to the natural beauty of the waters, trees, and vegetation, visitors routinely find themselves up-close and personal with friendly native wildlife.

With a team of experienced naturalist guides, Black River Outdoors Center offers eco-tours that include Cypress Swamps (2 or 4-hours), Huntington Beach Salt Marsh (2 or 4 hours), Georgetown Harbor History and Nature (2 hour), Sandy Island Tour (4 and 6 hour), Huntington Beach Birding Tour (6 hour), as well as guided kayak fishing trips, which are gaining in popularity. Tours begin at various locations depending on where you are and where it is that you want to go. Children are also welcome, and in addition to tandem kayaks, Black River also has youth-sized kayaks for kids under five feet and 100 pounds.

Rates start at $35/person for the 2-hour tours, and discounts are available for groups of 12 or more.