Bagel Cafe

113 Willbrook Blvd #1, Pawleys Island, SC, 29585 • 843-314-0371

Bagel Cafe owners Debra and Guy Guglielmi relocated to Pawleys Island in 2010, and upon their arrival, they noticed there weren’t any bagel shops in town, so they decided to fulfil Debra’s long-time dream of being a restaurant owner. While the Bagel Cafe has only been open since 2014, the food and customer service here has been winning over the hearts of locals and visitors to the Pawleys Island area. Now, this quaint eatery is a wonderful place to grab breakfast or lunch, 7 days a week.

Boasting specialized bagel-training from the state of New Jersey, the Bagel Cafe aims to please customers with the best bagels possible. However, bagels aren’t the only thing on the menu here; Bagel Cafe also has a full-scale bakery, a deli, and they offer catering.

The menu here features a variety of breakfast and lunch items. For breakfast, choose a breakfast on a bagel which includes options such as egg & cheese, bagels Benedict with 2 eggs, Canadian bacon, spinach, & Hollandaise sauce, lox with cream cheese , red onion & capers, and more. Guests can also opt for a breakfast souffle, oatmeal, the signature granola parfait, specialty breads, or a bagel with butter, cream cheese, or specialty cream cheese. Bagel flavors here include: plain, blueberry, everything, Asiago cheese, French toast, garlic, onion, pumpernickel, poppy, jalapeno cheddar, salt, sesame, and wheat.

If you’re hungry for lunch, Bagel Cafe has a ton of tasty options. Choose from a variety of wraps, fresh salads, paninis, cold sandwiches, 1/2 lb sandwiches, club sandwiches, and speciality sandwiches. If you have a hard time choosing, you can also go for the Pick 2 option where you can have half of any cold sandwich, bowl of soup, or half salad.

For a lighter option, Bagel Cafe offers fresh smoothies and juices with added boosts for an extra $1.

Bringing the kids? The children’s menu here has grilled cheese, crustless sandwich, or The Funky Monkey which is peanut butter, honey, and sliced banana on grilled bread. Each is served with a drink, dessert, and apple sauce.

Not stopping in for breakfast or lunch, but looking for something sweet to eat? The bakery at Bagel Cafe boasts an array of bagels, danishes, muffins, cinnamon buns, bread pudding, crumb buns, Italian pastries, cookies, and cheesecake. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something savory, check out the deli which offers items such as potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad, quinoa salad, hummus, grilled chicken, and grilled veggies.