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Boll Weevil Cafe & Sweetery

13089 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island, SC • (843) 314-0680

This restaurant is now closed.

The first Boll Weevil Café opened in an old warehouse on Augusta, Georgia’s Riverwalk in the late 90’s. Having been met with years of “Best Dessert” awards in the area, the owners decided to bring their unique café and bakery to Pawleys Island.

The casual dining restaurant is equal parts savory and sweet, serving up a creative menu of locally-sourced Southern and Island-inspired dishes, as well as a tremendous amount of homemade breads, cakes, and pies. It’s one of those places where, as appealing as the menu can be, you have to be mindful to save room for dessert or you’ll wind up with a kitchen littered with to-go boxes full of tempting sweets. Indulge at your own risk. 

First, let’s consider the café menu, which is divided into basic categories like Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Boll Delights, Entrees, Southern Delights, and Sandwiches.

Options for Appetizers include Tuna Carpaccio (Ahi, Asian cabbage, cucumber salad), Spinach Dip (three-cheese, side of onions), Bubba Nachos (chili, cheese, jalapenos, black olives), Fried Green Tomatoes (creamy horseradish, balsamic reduction), a Black Bean Quesadilla (sun-dried tomato tortilla, sour cream, salsa), and Island Spring Rolls (chicken, seven lettuces, dried cranberries).

Soup standouts include the Tomato Apple, a Boll Weevil original of creamy tomato with fire-roasted apples and carrots; Turkey & Rice; and the cream-based Seafood Bisque with whitefish and shellfish stock.

In addition to the House and Caesar Salads, the menu also offers a Jerk Chicken Salad with onions and cheese, Seared Tuna Salad with Mandarin Oranges, and the Boll Weevil Salad, a mix of spring greens topped with sirloin, bleu cheese, walnuts, oranges, tomatoes, and a housemade mandarin vinaigrette.

The Boll Delights and Southern Delights sections includes specialties like braised Boll Steaks served with arugula pesto mashed potatoes and veggies, Lowcountry and Creole delicacies such as Shrimp & Grits, Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Pasta Creole.

For Entrees, a couple of Taco options (Fish, Pork) are available in addition to Havana Chicken (Jerk-style over rice with black bean salsa), Blackened Mahi-Mahi (rice, seafood sauce), and Sweet Pork BBQ.

Sandwiches are all served on homemade bread, and they cover pretty much all of the bases – Curious Georges’ (turkey), K-Rock’s Italian Club, The Jose (corned beef), The Jerk (chicken), Lumberg Club (ham, turkey, bacon), Ruben, Chicken Salad, Tree Hugger (chipotle vegetarian burger), Portabella, and a Grown Up Grilled Cheese (pimento cheese, Applewood bacon).

And now for the sweet stuff.

You’ll have to decide whether you’re in the mood for Cake, Cheesecake, or Pie, unless you have enough people at the table to justify ordering slices of each, or people at home who will take care of the leftovers.

The selection of Cakes includes Canary Lemon, Strawberry, Red Velvet, Caramel, Banana Chocolate Chip, 7th Heaven (dark chocolate, buttercream icing, chocolate ganache, white chocolate cheesecake), Coffee Toffee, Perfect Chocolate Cake, and Hummingbird (spice cake with bananas, pineapple, cinnamon, and cream cheese icing.

For Cheesecakes, choose from New York Style, Turtle Crunch, Cinnamon, Death by Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, Grasshopper, Blueberries & Cream, or Cookies & Cream.

And for Pies, the list includes Key Lime Pie, Apple Blossoms, Cappuccino Tiramisu, Peanut Butter Pie, and Bourbon Pecan Pie.

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