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How to Plan a Family Reunion in Pawleys Island

By Marissa Polascak • April 17, 2017

Family reunions are quite popular along the Grand Strand, and what better place to have your family reunion than in beautiful Pawleys Island? Pawleys Island is a wonderful place for a family reunion as there are many accommodation options, restaurants, attractions, and the gorgeous beach right in town.

Want to plan a family reunion in Pawleys Island and don’t know where to start? Here’s how to plan a family reunion in Pawleys Island:


Choose Your Date and Location

Okay, so you’ve decided that you want your family reunion to be in Pawleys Island, so you have the location aspect of planning out of the way, but what about the date? You should probably start planning your reunion around a year in advance to make sure that you can get the proper accommodations that you are looking for. Go around to all of your family members and ask what dates they are able to go on vacation. Then, narrow it down to a date that works for everyone!

Ask Your Family Members for Help

Planning a family reunion can be tough for just one person, so don’t be afraid to ask your other family members for help during the planning stages. Appoint different people to different tasks such as finding affordable accommodations that will be able to fit the amount of people in your reunion; arranging catering for a central reunion event; track who is coming to the reunion; find entertainment and/or research attractions for all age groups; etc. Spreading out the labor definitely helps to relieve stress and keep reunion planning fun.

Build a Budget

Budgeting is very important when planning a family reunion because you want to make the event super special but you also don’t want to put anyone out while planning. An easy way to keep track of budgeting is to make a spreadsheet where you can visually see what your expenses are. Also, it never helps to ask a math whiz or someone with an accounting background to help out with this.

Have a Back-up Plan

If you’re planning your main reunion event at an outside venue, be prepared to have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong, such as rain, harsh winds, or cold days. As a back-up plan, try to reserve an indoor space or even a covered pavilion to shelter your guests from possible bad weather.

Send Out Invites

Once you decide on the details of where and when you want to have your reunion, send out invitations to each of your family members. Have someone keep a spreadsheet of who was invited, who has RSVP’d, and who can’t make it.

Choose Activities

For your main event, make sure you have tons of activities planned to entertain people from all age groups. Also, while you’re in Pawleys Island, be sure to inform every one of different attractions and things to do that will appeal to different people. There is shopping, golfing, watersports, and many other things to do in town.

Plan Out Meals

Pawleys Island and the surrounding areas are well-known for fresh seafood and Lowcountry eats, but if those options don’t suit the palates of all of those in your reunion party, don’t fret. There are tons of restaurants in and near Pawleys Island that will appeal to the tastebuds of kids and those with a more developed taste for the culinary world.

Things to Do

Accommodations in Pawleys Island

From intimate seaside hotels to sprawling vacation rentals, here are some accommodation options for your Pawleys Island family reunion.

Restaurants in Pawleys Island

As aforementioned, Pawleys Island and the surrounding area is known for fresh seafood and Lowcountry cuisine, but there are tons of different restaurants in the area offering various cuisines. Visit our dining page to scope out where to eat on your reunion vacation.

Things to Do in Pawleys Island

There are many super fun things to do in Pawleys Island like shopping, golfing, watersports, live music, and much, much more! Check out all these things to do, and also visit our blog for more ideas of what do do while in Pawleys Island.